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 The Museum offers a fascinating insight to the industries that made Kaslo what it is today. A rich treasure of machinery, photos, documents, dioramas, mining samples and more, to give visitors a sense of what life was like in those wild prospecting days.

In her heyday there were hundreds of mines all over the region and Kaslo was a major center for supplies for this “feverish” activity.

In the 1970’s Dave May, The museum’s owner, recognized that many of the artifacts from this era were being removed to parts unknown by persons unknown and working with the owners of record saved as many of these historical pieces as practical.

Today, many of these artifacts are on display in the basement of Teresa’s coffee shop where Dave set up a museum that closely resembles a mine and shows with both Photos and the historical pieces how an 1800’s mine looked and worked…….

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Teresa’s Coffee Shop is known around the Kootenay lake area as THE place for baked treats and warm hospitality. If your an early riser come down and join the locals that congregate at her round table. If you do you can expect to be warmly welcomed and face the same ribbing that locals lay on each other. This is a tradition that is an integral part of small town living. 

If your in town for a fishing expedition or any of the myriad of other outdoor recreational pursuits available on Kaslo’s door step why not have Teresa do up a box lunch.

Alternately if your just walking about town taking in the sites and sounds of the area Teresa’s in an excellent stop for a coffee and a piece of her famous pie…..




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Dave May is a self taught local photographer with a keen eye for the art in what others see as rusting machinery and worn out abandoned vehicles.Dave also has a wide variety of photographic interests including scenery, local wildlife and flora. Dave and Teresa have travelled extensively and during those travels Dave recorded much of what he came across finding amazing images in ordinary everyday sights.

With  such a wide variety of interests Dave has many different images to choose from that lend themselves to all manner of décor and a wide variety of Interests….. 






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